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Peles Castle Cultural Tour

We invite you to the Peles Castle Cultural Tour

The Peles Castle Cultural Tour was designed for history lovers. Here we invite you to discover the summer residence of the former kings of Romania. The castle was built during the reign of King Carol I of Romania (1866 – 1914) and became one of the most important monuments of the 19th Century in Europe. On the land bought by the king, you will also find: The Cloister, the Guardhouse, the Commissariat, the Foișor Hunting House, the Stables, the Electric Plant, and Villa Șipot.

This cultural tour is right for you if you are passionate about history and travel. Located in the heart of the country, the castle welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Join the wave of enthusiasts who pass through its gates year after year. Choose Peles Castle!

A little history about Peles Castle

Peles Castle Cultural TourUntil the completion of the castle (1883), King Charles I and Queen Elisabeth, lived in the hunting lodge, completed before the castle. Having its own power plant, Peles was the first electrified castle in Europe. With the improvements made after 1900, the residence was raised by one story, as was the main tower. In its final form, the 3200 sq m building has 160 rooms and over 30 bathrooms. In its 160 rooms the castle housed one of the most important collections of paintings in Europe and a rich collection of weapons, with over 4000 European and Oriental pieces from the 14th-17th Centuries. Peles Castle Cultural Tour will accompany you to all these places. You have the possibility to buy a ticket including a visit to the upper floor. Although most tourists choose to visit only the ground floor, we recommend you to visit the first floor as well.

Why choose Peles Castle Cultural Tour?

Until 1948, Peles Castle remained the residence of the royal family, then it was confiscated by the communist regime. In 1953 it became a museum. Peles Castle Cultural Tour brings you the opportunity to visit this famous building from the glory years of Romania. The exterior part consisting of several towers is splendid. The walls are painted and decorated with vegetation. The combination of white, gold and wood painted in a warm, brownish shade predominates.

In front of the castle there is a square with an artesian fountain and the garden is of Roman inspiration: arranged in steps, a combination of vegetation and marble decorations, provides a view over the pedestrian path to the castle. Words can hardly describe the grandeur of this place.

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